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   Creative Creations' beginnings un-purposefully  began when a crochet hook was picked up and a few simple items were created for Christmas gifts. A friend, seeing a picture of one of the items I had made, immediately ordered two-one for herself, and one for her mother. Many people soon began remarking on the work I did as well as placing orders, and so Creative Creations was born.

  As a stay at home, homeschooling Mom when Creative Creations began, crocheting naturally and easily found its way into my life, and the orders that began flowing in as well as my drive to create and design things kept  me going.  Most days as I sat teaching at my desk, a crochet hook, yarn, and a pattern or ten was not far from my reach, if not in my hand.  This was true as well, many other times throughout my day, as the opportunities presented themselves.

  I soon began heading up a few group crochet projects within my church, and eventually teaching those who wanted  to learn so they could contribute to the group projects as well.

  I have witnessed first hand the low value most place on fiber artists and their work-even the artist themselves! I have seen handmade blankets and items that take hours upon hours  to make sold for barely the cost of the materials alone. I have seen potential customers turn their noses up at the cost of a handmade item with unique, beautiful, creative touches throughout, yet turn around and spend the same amount of money-or more-on a manufactured, drab, unoriginal item that will hardly last close to the 50 years or more the handmade item would! I find this shameful, disrespectful, and ignorant to say the least.

  The items I make, I am proud of.  When I am making something, I put all my energies and attention into every detail and stitch, and unlike many, I make NO apologies for the prices I charge for my products. A business does not run on charitable giving alone, nor should it be expected to. Ever.

  Quality, timeless, lasting items that can be handed down throughout the generations and still remain beautiful is what makes Creative Creations by Vicki stand out from the mass produced, money grabbing, low quality market today. 

  Your handmade treasures are satisfaction guaranteed, and close customer contact throughout every step of the creation process ensures reliable, satisfactory results. And if at any time your finished order is not as you expected, we will work to make it right.

Hello.  I'm Vicki from Creative Creations, and I would  love to make  something special for you. What ever you would like to have made, I most likely will be able to make  it for you.

There are  thousands  of  crochet  patterns  available  from which to  choose from that I am able  to use and purchase  for your special item.  Made in  colors of  your choosing  as well as the quality of yarn  fiber that you would like,  the item's  total cost   will be dependent upon the yarn used and  the   size and intricacy of the item itself, & therefore  the number  of  total hours needed to create it.   Let  me  know what  you are looking for,  and I   will work to find the right pattern to make for you.  If  you  have a picture or  an internet   link of what  you would like, you can send it to  me. Use the "Contact Me" section of this site, to   let me know what you are interested in,  and I   will be in touch with you shortly! Estimates will be given on all custom orders at an hourly charge of approximately $10/hour + materials.  Thank you!    

Group Projects

Our Services

 Hand crocheted items-ready made or custom ordered  
See what's in stock, or  place a custom order by browsing the pages in my shop for items I can make for you. To get an idea of other items I can make, but just have not had the opportunity to or the need to yet, browse the pattern gallery and contact with me for an estimate before placing an order.
I can make baby blankets, sweaters, booties, bibs, clothing, and diaper covers. Window treatments, throw rugs, table runners, cotton dish cloths, towel toppers, stuffed toys, sweaters, shawls, ponchos, hats, scarfs, mittens, gloves, headbands, little girl's dresses and tops, tote bags, handbags, full sized afghans and spreads, potholders, dish scrubbies and cloths, slippers, socks, flowers & other embellishments, Christmas tree skirts, Christmas stockings, and more!!!

Are your family heirlooms in disarray and in need of some TLC and repair? Decades of love and use may eventually come to show on pieces of handmade items in the form of a ripped and weakened stitch here, a loose thread having gone haywire there. A once small stitch has now become a foot long hole. What do you do? DON"T THROW IT OUT!  Restore it's integrity  to extend the life of  your priceless possession! Yarns will  be matched as close as possible to the original fiber and color, weakened areas will be re-enforced for added strength, and holes and gaps will be re-stitched as closely as possible to transform your treasure into a usable, vibrant centerpiece that you can once again display with pride.

Local Crochet Classes
Do you wish to learn how to crochet, or do you just need a little help with a few stitches? Do you need help in learning how to read and work a pattern? Are you ignorant of the basics every crocheter should know before beginning a project? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I am here for you to help you reach the level of proficiency that you wish to be at.
Individual or group classes are available in my home, and group classes are available within a 20 mile radius of Johnson, RI-located just outside of Providence.

I am available for occupational therapy programs within rehabilitation and nursing homes as well as school and library programs, Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls clubs, etc.

Begin a new ministry within your church! Reach out to shut- ins, moms to be, the homeless,  the hurting or needy, or someone special!  Create a group project blanket or other items stitched with love and prayers while enjoying sweet fellowship at the same time!

Crochet Patterns
A slowly growing collection of all original, one of a kind designs by Vicki. Many items you see for sale are Vicki's original patterns, and soon their patterns will be available for sale!

Coming Soon!
Our online store will soon be expanding in the near future to include yarns, crafting, crochet and knitting supplies, as well as other hand made items
created by Vicki!


As always, I appreciate your business.

Thank you!

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